What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process to enable you to make changes and improvements in all aspects of your life.

Fixing stuff that needs changing

It might be that you have a number of problems you need to address. Coaching would help you overcome those problems in a therapeutic approach. But its a process that goes far beyond fixing things that are not what you want. Loss of motivation and direction, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Depression Relationship issues, confidence and self esteem can all be addressed through the coaching process.

Improving your prospects and development in your career.

You may be in a job where you would like to be more effective, get a promotion, or improve your performance in a particular area. Working with a coach is like having a personal trainer and consultant focussed only on your development and success.

Making Big Decisions

Another common coaching context is decision making. This can involve career changes, decisions about relationships, business decisions, and choices in education. Working with a coach enables you to examine the reasons behind your choices, how it fits in with your values, and the consequences of all choices.

Managing Personal Change

Many people turn to coaching when going through significant personal change such as divorce or adapting to live in different cultures. This enables clients to get a perspective, to work on the issues rather then in the issues, to identify their own behaviours, thoughts feelings and actions and develop a more constructive approach to these difficult times.

New Performance

Coaching is the best way to develop new skills to open doors to new opportunities in your life. Everything we do involves learning and interacting with other humans. The right coach will enable you to understand exactly how you learn, show you how to access performance from outstanding models, and teach you directly a whole host of skills you can use in any part of your life.

Improve your communication skills

Developing an assertive communication style can have a profound impact on your relationships, self esteem and your career. the reason its hard to do is that our instincts kick in and sabotage our communication along well established paths driven by our emotions. When you identify your own default style you can spot yourself doing it and learn (With Practice!) to be assertive on the inside as well as with others.

Your Bespoke Program

This is all achieved using a huge toolbox to create a bespoke program built around your needs. You’ll learn tons about yourself, how your mind works and what alternatives you could have. You get time to practice and then we identify low risk areas to experiment with in real life before tackling the big issues for you.

What to do next

Read through he resources and information on this site –  there are tons of case studies and resources for you to use. Download your complimentary ebook and when you are ready get in touch and book a free no obligation consultation.