What’s stopping me?

Career coaching Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, HalifaxHarry’s Story

At 30 years of age, Harry was a bright graduate but had settled for a “dead end “job.

After a great time at university and  a failed long term relationship, he had found himself living at  his parents’ home again. Harry’s self confidence had dipped to an ‘all time low” and it was getting worse.

Despite his qualifications, he had only  ever managed to secure a manual job, on minimum wages. Although he was well liked by his workmates, Harry’s old dreams of a great career, some fun in life and a loving relationship were fading fast.

He worked most nights, slept most days, never seeing his old friends from Uni, on a treadmill of working, eating, sleeping.

When Harry received an email from friends who had moved to London and their lives and careers were looking good, he was driven to look seriously at what he was doing and what sort of changes he could make. He decided to seek help.

Harry’s conclusions

In Harry’s first session he already realised he was existing from day to day, with no real thought about his direction or what he wanted to attract into his life.

He had no sense of his priorities or self worth.

He believed his life would never be anything else.

Harry felt he had very few options and was basically “stuck”, doing what he was doing for the foreseeable future.

Harry was still living the life of the” perpetual student” ,with none of the fun or advantages or a sense of personal responsibility.

Harry could see that he needed help to understand the range of options  open to him.

He also really wanted the confidence and motivation to begin to move on in his life.

Over 6 sessions, Harry made big changes.

His confidence boosted, he was able to was re-connect with his friends from University.

He audited his skills and options and then looked at the beliefs which were blocking his development. He worked to change his unhelpful beliefs and perceptions about his future.

Harry accepted help from his friends  and family and moved out of his parents’ house.

He sold his car to pay off some debt and started working part -time at the college , voluntarily at first – but this led onto some commission work.

He looked into what he wanted in his life five years from now and quickly realised what he needed and wanted.

He came up with a vivid picture of his life in five years time and opened himself to new experiences and opportunities.

Harry connected with a new and bright version of his future.

He discovered that he wanted to make big changes in his life and he could feel differently about it.

Knowing that he wanted to be in a loving relationship, within  a matter of weeks he had met someone interesting who he now felt confident enough to connect with. He knew he had something to offer.

He reconnected with his deeper sense of self and real interests.

He knows now that he has a life he chooses , whether it’s a dull one or a vibrant one.

He’ll always know that he can make big and better choices now – and he will. Harry is currently making plans to move to London.