If I had the confidence what could I do?

5580025_s2Emma worked in a high paid job in the city.

She got to travel. She had friends. A good place to live but her self confidence was getting worse and worse.

Broken down relationships over the last few years had convinced her that she would be single for ever, that she would always be betrayed by men, just the same way her mother had been by her father and her step father.

Emma was finding herself becoming more and more withdrawn. Dressing to be invisible. Fading into the background.

Change – job and personal had come into her life – suddenly feeling trapped and left behind with life flowing on past her and leaving her behind, she wanted to do something abut it.

Emma’s thoughts on her future

Emma needed to re-consider her beliefs about relationships.

She has a number of traumatic events in her life which she needed to deal with and move on from.

She needed a huge boost to her confidence.

Emma needed to address her internal dialogue and negative thinking patterns.

Emma had to learn how to live in a positive state anytime she chooses.

Emma’s future

Confidence transformed.
Appearance transformed.
New opportunities.
New relationships.
Breaking the patterns of the past.
Emma’s lining her self up for a bright and fulfilling future!

How Emma changed

Emma blossomed instantly – the second time we saw her we didn’t recognise her! – New hairstyle – new appearance but above all she exuded confidence!

Her relationship with her mother transformed and she was able to talk to her for the first time about events in her childhood.

She put the past behind her and was able to move on. Emma took action rapidly and persistently. She took on a flatmate, let more people into her life and became open to new opportunities and possibilities.