Sally’s Time for a Change.

shapeimage_12-2Sally, the mum who needed a change

Sally was 38 and, for the past few years, she had been focusing on the Family. With two thriving teenagers who were now more and more independent, the endless cycle of chauffeuring and arranging busy social lives was now a thing

of the past. Being a part-time worker was now unfulfilling, and driving her “nuts”, boring her”rigid” but she didn’t know what to do. After so many years out of the career she had before the family, she felt in no position to take up where she left off..Not much confidence left, “empty nest syndrome” kicking in, little going on in her life, feeling pretty low on self confidence and self worth, whilst her husband’s career was going from “strength to strength” – and they were seeing less and less of each other!

Sally felt that life’ wasn’t looking great. Realising that her focus had been on everyone else for too long, she was becoming resentful  and angry. She now felt it was time to focus on herself – but believed she wasn’t  confident enough and that she had very little to offer.

Feeling ‘left behind”, she could not envisage a very compelling future.

Within a few short weeks Sally’s confidence and self esteem began to soar, as she benefitted from some unbeatable techniques for developing personal confidence. During our work together she  very quickly let go of painful emotions (anger, guilt, fear and so on) and of the beliefs that were holding her back.

She learned to challenge her negative thinking patterns and was able to re- programme her own thought patterns to be really helpful and supportive.

Sally re-evaluated what was most important to her in life, and this had a huge positive impact on her thinking and behaviour.

She looked carefully at her relationships and was able to think differently and positively about these.

Using her new found self confidence, Sally began to formulate some fantastic personal goals and objectives which are currently opening up new friendships, a fulfilling career and business opportunities for her. And, above all, Sally has peace of mind.

How Sally Changed

Sally’s life turned around in a relatively short period of time. Her relationships improved and she was able to give more to her family ,whilst developing a radical new life for herself.

She stopped all her negative self talk and set a new career path she had never considered before.
Her relationships were the biggest area she felt an impact on, though  – because she was much more focused and fulfilled, she had much much more to give.

“Thanks so much Andy for everything you have done for me. You have just turned my life round for the better and everyone else has noticed the changes in me. I feel  really confident and very positive that I can now get out of life what I want rather than living in the past. I have a path to follow which is great.And I can’t believe I,m actually starting up the new business .Just look what I have done already in such a short period of time. .

You already know I have been telling other people about you and I intend to keep on doing this. Thank you very much.”