Your Questions Answered

How is coaching different

I start from the point of view that that your’e perfect with the resources you’ve got right now.

My job is to help you discover a greater range of resources with yourself to make the changes you want.

To do this I use Neuro Linguistic Programming, Content Free Hypnosis, Conventional Hypnotherapy and elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with you according to what is the most effective way to help you. I use these approaches because they work and they can work surprisingly fast. I will not spend hours going over and over previous events with you but we will show you haw to free yourself from them.

Is coaching confidential?

Your sessions are totally confidential (within the usual legal strictures concerning harm to vulnerable people). You can be assured that you can discuss your own concerns in confidence and totally without judgement.

My job is to listen, understand, help you discover more and find ways forward. To do this you have to be confident that you will be taken seriously, and discuss any relevant part of your life in a highly supportive and sympathetic relationship.

How much does it cost?

Sessions start from £75  per session, different programmes are all bespoke and the cost of sessions, scope and approximate number of sessions are established at the outset of your programme before you commit to it.

Do you have supervision?

Yes – I  have regular peer supervision which means that there is someone else working with me – without sharing confidential information – to ensure appropriate programmes are in place.

How well qualified are you?

I am extremely well qualified and experienced and have a unique combination of these to enable me to work effectively with a very wide range of clients. I worked in Special Education as a senior manager and then as a headteacher of a school for young people with severe behavioural difficulties. I trained as a coach over a number of years completing qualifications whilst still in education before extending his range of skills with extremely high levels of training in NLP  He is certified by one of the Co-creators of NLP – John Grinder – along with Carmen Bostic-StClair and Michael Carroll. Many coaches you see working have a two day certificate or only a short distance learning qualification.

I have advanced qualifications in Leadership and Management. I am is a certified Hypnotherapist, and currently offer training and personal development courses.

How can coaching help in business?

In several ways. Business owners and leaders  – senior leaders everywhere have no one else to turn to for help and support  – this is the role of the coach. Working alongside senior leaders to support them in their challenging roles, ensuring their motivation and values continue to align with the organisation means that success for the executive is the same as success for the organisation. I have experience at the shape end and have successfully lead and managed complex organisations through very challenging contexts. I am very well qualified in leadership and management and able to combine this expertise along with his personal development expertise to work with senior leaders to develop teams and wider parts of organisations.

How can coaching help with stress?

Stress happens when we cannot manage the demands on us safely and we feel that we have no options in a situation. We always do have options but frequently have limiting beliefs around many of them. I can  show you how you can have ultimate choice in any situation thus giving you back the freedom to reject sources of stress in your life and maintain a healthy balance.

How can Coaching help with sport?

You would be amazed! Research shows that mental rehearsal and practice of skills is almost as effective as physical training, only its a lot quicker. Skills can be learned internally before you need to use them. Managing your performance or competitive state is something you can learn and improve. Specific problems which present as automatic responses can be re-programmed easily. Previous excellent experience can be used to improve future performance.

Can coaching help with relationships?

Coaching is an excellent way to improve relationships quickly and effectively. I work with you to identify common values and beliefs, communication and motivation strategies that you and your partner both use and give you both greater understanding of how you work together.

Can coaching help with conflict resolution at work?

Absolutely. With the training and experience that I have in personal development and restorative approaches I am well placed to facilitate and support conflict resolution between people in business or at work. Personal conflict at work can be incredibly damaging to the organisation but also to the organisation. Working with a third party with the right skills and insights enables conflicts to be encountered very differently, common ground to be established quickly in a safe and supportive environment.

I noticed you are qualified as a  hypnotherapist. Will I be hypnotised?

Only if it helps you to make the changed you want and need. Most of the change work a coach does can be done without hypnosis but for some people this is the most comfortable way to achieve relaxation and a clear perspective on life. every client is different  – I try to be as flexible and adaptable as possible.

Any More Questions?

If I have not provided you with the information that you need we would be glad to hear from you and discuss your concerns personally. I offer a no obligation, free,  one hour initial consultation to discuss your needs.