What are you planning for in your life?

Found yourself at a cross roads in life and not sure which way to turn? Well you are not alone.


Thera are times when we are really clearly motivates to make change in your lives and with that focus we seem to work inexorably towards the outcomes in life we are pursuing.  It is widely recognised that once we set out goals to achieve in our lives and develop these well we increase the possibilities of completing those goals and getting what we want in life.

If you have found yourself somewhere you didn’t plan for or even if you have planned for it and got to where you want to be what are you going to do next? Its all well and good working for years to achieve your goals but if you dont continue to plan for the next thing after that you can find your self without direction and feeling as if you have no options in life. This strips you of your freedom of choice and can lead to massively increased stress and even a breakdown.

When you dont think you have choices you get stressed.

When you haven’t got a plan or you have a badly drafted plan you limit your options!

When did you set out the life plan you are using now? Did you consider every aspect of your life, your health, finances, your relationships?

The plain fact is that we all have plans wether we ave done it consciously or not – you reading this right now have expectations about how your life is going to develop, what you expect to happen in the future. If you have taken some time to develop a well formed set of outcomes and have considered all of the consequences , and if you are reminding yourself of the outcomes you desire then you truly become in control of your own destiny!

What do you want to have in your life in fives time?

In twelve months time what will you have needed to have done?

What do you need to do every week and every month to accomplish this?

Change only happens when we do something different and small change is all you need to do to get started on big ones!

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