Life Coaching and Career Coaching

Some of the issues you can address with personal coaching . .

11885493_sIf not now, When?

I recently worked with a young man of 23. He had a burgeoning business and a successful creative career as well. He came to see me unsure about which direction to take. Should he stay in the business or pursue his creative talents? How could he get them to work together and get the both worlds?

Working with his representation of time  I spent a few hours looking into what he would like to experience at different stages of his life. I covered pages and pages of flip chart with details about what he saw in his future and as we did this his idea of what he wanted, what he placed most value on became clearer and clearer. ‘I didn’t know that all this stuff was here!’ he said. Thats the job of a coach  -to know where to look and let you find out about yourself.

Making a life changing decision

What comes first career of family – what are the impacts on self career, family, relationships etc. of a life changing decision. I’ll show you the values you are aligned with and the impacts of any decision you need to make on every aspect of your life.

Career uncertain? Direction vague? Priorities unclear? Relationships a mess? Not sure which way to go? Just want to clean the slate and start again?

You can read any number of self help books but this is nothing compared to working with an experienced and well trained coach.

You can achieve personal insights in an afternoon. Discover your key values. Identify the source  and style of your motivation and plan to achieve the life you want.

Every part of your life can benefit from working with a coach who knows how to empower you quickly and effectively.

Coaching is for everyone  – those just setting out, looking for a new direction, already successful people – those who know that there is something that they want to improve in their lives.

You can expect to be:

  • Happier and more fulfilled within personal relationships
  • A more confident person
  • A more effective communicator
  • Able to find the job you want and enjoy
  • Fulfilled with meaning and purpose in your life
  • Enjoy better all round health, look, feel and act younger

Working with a coach you can address any issues you may have around

  • Personal relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Assertiveness
  • Effective communication
  • Goal setting/achievement
  • Career issues
  • Finding greater meaning and purpose in life
  • Personal happiness
  • Health and wellbeing