Let Me Tell You About Stress!

imagesJanie – “Let me tell you about Stress!”

Hanging on to her job by the skin of her teeth and in the face of a lot of opposition from colleagues, family and friends.

Still convinced that she is the right person for the job despite the evidence to the contrary.

Divorced, but with remnants of grown up family still at home being supported, including new grandson.

No social life. No positives at home no positives at work. Responsible for the whole organisation. Being threatened by employers.

Feels she’s got no options, no choices and hates every single minute of it. Drinking heavily and piling on the weight. Can’t sustain a relationship.

Janie’s life was fenced in by the belief she had no other options, no real choices.

Janie’s stress reduction plan

Janie learned to relax deeply and soundly.
She began to put her self, her health and her well being first.

Janie thought through a wide range of options for her life – from the radical to the minor.

She needed a better frame on her career. A re-appraisal of her priorities and the relationships in her life.

She needed a huge boost to her self esteem and self confidence.

She needed to develop some strong assertiveness skills to deal with some very challenging people at work.

Janie’s future

Janie is now someone who has self confidence, a great sense of independence. She is a lady with a lot more options and flexibility in her life.

She has healthy self management strategies, a better relationship with her family, and feels she is a better role model.

With a better work life balance she is more open to new opportunities and relationships.

How Janie changed

Janie learned that in fact she had many many options open to her and this knowledge gave her a great sense of freedom.

That freedom immediately boosted her self esteem and allowed her stress levels to fall.

Janie was suddenly able to offer more to her family and become a much better role model.

She had a much better set of coping strategies and her health improved quickly as a result.