Overcome Anxiety

14984648_sReal Confidence comes from inside and I show you where it is, and how to get it!

Anxiety is real, for whatever reason we create it ourselves,  and we can overcome it ourselves.

Anxiety is far far more common than most people realise and it shows itself in may different ways.

Stress, Panic Attacks, Digestive problems, Depression, minor ailments relationship issues, substance misuse all can be symptoms of underlying anxiety.

Anxiety is a perfectly normal and healthy reaction to something which could or is harming you.

In our natural environment we would simply change where we were or what we were doing to something which we knew was better for us. As were are all in families, jobs, relationships, obligations to others we cannot simply walk away – so we stick at it and cope with anxiety in different ways.

Anxiety is real. Anxiety is natural. Too much anxiety is not good for anyone.

Anxiety is a reaction to external events we feel we cannot change.

Sometimes the context changes but the anxiety continues for all sorts of good reasons but it begins to not help us!

You can do a lot about unhelpful Anxiety patterns and reactions.

I would always recommend that you discuss any symptoms of anxiety with your GP in advance of embarking on Complimentary and Alternative Therapies.

Hypnosis gives very quick and effective relief to symptoms of anxiety to help you understand where your Anxiety is rooted.

Self hypnosis enables you to get relief when you need it.

Hypnosis coupled with NLP enables you to take more control of your responses, understand them in greater depth and have more choice in your life to deal with the sources of your anxiety.

‘In a few short sessions you’ll feel confident, look confident, and behave confidently.’


Here’s typically what you might experience addressing your Anxiety Issues

Consultation We identify your symptoms and possible causes. Look at what you experience and when. You’ll be shown some important ways of looking after yourself which really help. You’ll be able to consider how you could make changes and decide on what you want to do.

Your Sessions might include

Letting go of distressing thoughts feelings and reactions.

  • Changing contributing factors to your thoughts and feelings.
  • Learning to relax.
  • Identifying how you create your reactions and how to take control of them.
  • Developing better self protection strategies.

Many clients say that the initial consultation is a great experience in itself as its the first time they have been honest with themselves and able to talk to someone else about their personal situation  – being hers and taken seriously lifts a huge weight from their shoulders.