Public Speaking???

woman public speakingMichelle

A brilliant career in Retail Development ended in a clash of interests, and Michelle set off to build her own business.

She was bright, articulate, fiercely independent but having to “live outside the comfort zone” for much of the time.

She also had a great idea for some seminars which would give clients a low- cost, low- risk way of checking out her services, as well as providing her with a regular source of income.

She was keen to run the seminars, knowing this was the

way forward, but she felt she didn’t have the confidence to make it happen. She just didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of public speaking,

yet she knew she was more than capable! She had previously had a really bad experience in presenting in front of groups, so running courses and seminars was a real obstacle to her.

Michelle’s plan for action included

Michelle wanted a way of being fully confident in all situations, ,not just a way of appearing confident.

She wanted to be able to “let go” of the ‘emotional baggage “around previous times when presenting had not gone well.

Michelle wanted a new set of skills and techniques for presenting confidently in front of groups, that she could learn quickly and easily.

She was keen to learn how she could use language more effectively to engage with others.

Michelle’s future

Over a couple of weeks, Michelle developed a whole new range of skills and genuine self confidence.

In the longer term she achieved a much better relationship with her unconscious abilities, and this shines through when you watch her presenting.

She also has a growing band of clients who are using her seminars to grow their businesses and who are telling people about Michelle and her services, signing up for monthly contracts.

She has even been told she should think of selling on the seminars as a package to other people in the same business!

How Michelle changed

Michelle is constantly amazed and delighted with her new self confidence. It has become a bit of a”standing joke” amongst her friends that,” she uses it all over the place to attract attention to her business!”

She has been able to free herself from a handful of “toxic” clients and become much more focused on what she wants to do.

She learned a range of key presentation techniques which transformed her seminars; both in terms of the stress they caused her, and the benefits and fun she and her clients now get from them.

Michelle gets right” into the zone” now; fully trusting her unconscious capabilities and using simple techniques to massively improve her impact when presenting to groups or running events.

Michelle worked with me for two extended sessions.