Mid Life Crisis

14119791_sPeter’s mid life crisis

At 48, Peter could see that he was at a crossroads in life. He still felt young in mind but was starting to notice the effects of physical ageing and was thinking“there must be more to life than this”. Other people had started commenting on his behaving in new and”strange” ways and that he was becoming a ‘grumpy old man”. He did not know what to do, or whether they were right.

He became “down”, withdrawn and anxious, was having numerous arguments with his partner, and felt”generally out of sorts”.

Peter did not sleep well, found it difficult to rest or relax, ate the wrong sort of food and enjoyed too much wine each evening, “for a quick chill”.

On the one hand, he admitted he was unhappy at the prospect of growing old – having nothing to show for it. On the other hand, he was drawn to proving to himself that he still had a future and something to offer.

  • Peter’s plan for change
  • Perspective.
  • Planning.
  • Purpose.
  • People.
  •  Punishing Exercise.
  • To move from survive to thrive.
  • Realise that this was a time of growth not a time of decay.

Peter’s future


  • Felt really content with his emerging life-style
  • Started on a new and more meaningful learning journey stopped doubting decisions he had made about his life
  • Had a new interest with things and people
  • Lived adventurously
  • Had a great sense of meaning and value of his existence
  • Knows exactly who he is, and where his life is going.

How Peter changed

Peter was soon able to see the position he was in as a point of learning and growth – he had thought he was washed up but he looked at other life stories and considered his own and was able to see it in a better and more productive frame.

He worked with his partner to re-set some joint goals and as a team they took on some fun changes to their lives together.

He overcame the depression and anxiety by simply focussing on those activities which gave him a sensation of ‘flow.’ His symptoms disappeared in a few days.

The exercise helped too – all their friends noticed the changes some thought it was all a bit odd but then others joined him on a saturday on his mountain bike.