Life-upgraded: Version 2.0

In the space of a year Joan had lost her parents,her partner, her home and her old job.

All routine and security were simply gone .

Fortunately, she had money, another job and was living in a new flat but she was still feeling overwhelmed by the the huge amount of changes”thrown” at her.

The split with her husband still hurt and she subsequently

found it very hard to trust other people. Confiding in friends didn’t come easily to Joan, especially “joint” friends! Seeing less of her children now also didn’t help matters.

Joan did what she always did, She focused on her current job and tasks, buried her feelings and turned inwards on herself, cutting herself off from other people.

By the time Joan decided to come along for coaching,her health was not great. She was turning too often to alcohol and food to comfort herself and was feeling lonely and directionless.

What Joan decided to do

Joan knew she had completely lost sight of her reasons behind who
she was and why she was living life the way she was. It might have been right and purposeful a long time ago but it certainly was not now.

Joan wanted to let go of the hurt and pain of the past and feel free.

She knew that she needed to address her internal dialogue and negative thinking patterns.

She wanted to learn how to live in a positive state anytime she chose.

It was important that she knew how to reconnect with her core self.

She wanted a new life plan.

Joan had decided to take a good long look at herself and how she was living her life and then . . .make big changes.Fast.

She wanted to be at the cause of what was happening in her life, taking back her own initiative, rather than being at the effect of everything else in her life. She knew big changes were needed.

Joan’s future

Joan is firmly in charge of her own future now. She defines her own relationships and boundaries.

She works because she likes it.
Joan is positive and ‘upbeat”, as and when she chooses.

She feels”at peace” with herself and chooses healthier more appropriate responses to meeting her needs.

And, she is open to a new relationship, but not on the same basis as the old one.

The changes Joan made

Joan began to look after herself better for a start.

She worked with me over a couple of sessions to let go of all the painful and unhelpful baggage from the past, and was surprised at how effective and easy this was.

She settled all the remaining emotional issues she had and found new ways of reacting to the events around her which gave her choice.

She began to move from being at effect to being at cause in her own life.

She suddenly saw that in front of her was a great opportunity to re-invent herself – so she did!

Joan walked into my practice one day and was hardly recognisable. Her . friends had said she was ‘glowing”, her skin transformed, dressed attractively and somehow ‘holding herself” differently, happy and clam, a new image was underway!

Then Joan focused on her life plan which included – to succeed in her new job, and open her life to new opportunities and people.

Since working with Joan, she has lost weight and is actively meeting up with and sharing her life with other people.