Benefits of Life Coaching

Life Coaching

7172535Crop2On a scale of 0 to 10 just how much are you in control of your life right now?

Are you the driving force in your life or are you thinking you’re totally at the bottom of the heap?

Are you the cause or effect of events in your life?

What are the major forces which shape your daily life? If they have changed from the ones you chose to the ones you’ve ended up with then it’s time to take control back.

The more we are in charge of our lives then the better we feel, we are healthier and less stressed.

Its only natural to find yourself in this situation and everyone experiences this at some time in our lives. When its a problem then its time to do something about it.

Feel that you have no choices or options in life?

Lack confidence?

Feel obligated to other people?

Lost track of what you want out of life?

Life’s pressures get too much and we keep on responding to outside events?

Why did you let this happen?

What props are you using?

What damage is this causing you?

Whats the worst thing that could happen?

Whats the best that can happen?

The GOOD NEWS is that its much easier to discover what you really want out of life, make changes,  get the right mindset and confidence so you can take control back in your life.

You can have the confidence to take control back. You can assert yourself, You can take control back and make decisions and choices which are right for you.

You can conform and accept only so much and then something happens; it can either happen to you, or because of you.

Here’s typically what you might experience addressing getting back control of your life

Consultation We look at where you are, why you’re there, what choices you feel are ope or closed off to you. We make sure that right there and then you are safe, not too stressed and you can make a clear and informed decision about the way forward,

Your programme could include the following elements

  • Considering the real options you have.
  • Stress management and relief.
  • Dealing with specific challenges – people, relationships, contexts.
  • Installing real confidence.
  • Planning ahead for what you really want.
  • Supporting you as you make changes.

Many clients say that the initial consultation is a great experience in itself as its the first time they have been honest with themselves and able to talk to someone else about their personal situation  – being hers and taken seriously lifts a huge weight from their shoulders.