About Andy Lee Coaching

Andy Lee Learn more about my back ground qualifications and experience here

I combine a number of approaches to help clients change.

Once I’ve met you and discussed what you want out of the program I’ll agree what sort of approach will get your the results you are seeking. I’m fully certified in Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I will also use approaches from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy if this is appropriate.


This is a very rational and organised process involving procedures, lans actions and focussing your attention n what you want to get out of life. Its used extensively in organisations but equally useful in personal development. It works very much with your conscious mind and  is an approach many people enjoy and benefit from. If you are looking for direction and certainty in your career for example then coaching my well be best for you.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP for Short is a powerful series of techniques which really and truthfully is the basis for all modern personal development and change processes. It is behind Coaching, Hypnosis, even CBT, Human Givens  – any modern talking therapy or personal development approach is either NLP or applied NLP. Its used by people such as Paul McKenna, Anthony Robbins, even Derren Brown. It gets results quickly and powerfully.


Having experienced hypnotherapy myself and experienced considerable personal shifts as a result I was keen to undertake training in this.  I use hypnotherapy with clients as and when it appears to be the approach they ned or have specifically asked for. Unlike other hypnotherapists I create many of my sessions there and then  – most hypnotherapists use scripts downloaded from the internet . I calibrate he nature of the intervention you need, follow hints and suggestions you give me to create a hypnosis session which is totally tailored to you.