Ok – If you really knew what would you do with your life? How would you know what do?

imagesIts a common coaching question to ask if you knew you couldn’t fail what would you choose to do with your life?

The problem with that approach is that we can only imagine what we think is possible within our own contests of experience and beliefs. It is however a brilliant question to pose but not in such a direct manner.

Its a common concern of clients to understand that no matter what they are experiencing their life will turn out well for them. So how can this be achieved in a powerful and convincing manner?

I use timeline approaches fairly consistently to understand how clients organise and conceptualise of their past present and future. Its fascinating to discover the many and varied ways in which people organise their experience of time, and the reason this is so important is that learning how we organise time gives access to where we hold our beliefs and expectations of our futures. Once we have entered this area of experience and understand not only the exceptions of life that we have making these expectations accessible not only gives personal insight but also opens the door to choice.

Time line is a form of light trance hypnosis which uses an interesting set of content free metaphors to give personal insight. Clients become aware of long term life expectations and these are useful in a number of ways.

Clients discover a sense of peace and security through this process, and, literally a sense of perspective.

Imagine knowing with full convincing certainty that life was going to turn out well for you?

Imagine being able to take learnings as if from three of five years from now and apply them now. What advice would you give yourself from the perspective of this safe, secure and successful future?

This simple process brings about an instant recognition and has helped clients with a whole range of objectives. Whether its to overcome anxiety, gain confidence, make choices, understand their behaviour, and even make changes as they recover from illnesses.

So a bette question would be  – as you imagine and experience life from five years from now  – what advice would you give yourself right now?


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