Hypnotherapy is a natural and wonderful process for helping people make deep seated change. Its part of everyones daily experience to go into trance where we are literally lost in our own thoughts. We stop noticing time pass and often have really creative thoughts and ideas. We continue to function perfectly normally and can snap out of it in a split second.

Hypnosis is simply the deliberate use of this coupled with suggestions which you have agreed to which will help you make changes.

You are completely in control of the whole process and it is simply not possible for you to be ‘made’ to do anything you don’t want to do.

The process involves

  • Getting physically very comfortable.
  • Closing your eyes and relaxing.
  • Listening to the hypnotherapist who uses their skills to induce deep trance.
  • All trance is is a state of extreme relaxation.
  • Your conscious mind is distracted and you are able to then work with your unconscious to make changes.
  • I will talk you through a process – often using metaphors and stories which you unconscious mind interprets within the context of your current thoughts and feelings.
  • I then makes further suggestions in general about your desired change and will bring you gently out of the trance.

You will have agreed the direction for the suggestions with you but it still remains the task of your unconscious to accept the suggestions that are truly relevant.

A session usually lasts about 30 to 40 Minutes

You work on an area you have agreed you want change

I will have prepared your session for you

You might use an audio to reinforce learning between sessions.