Your Health

Real health and well being  comes from inside and we show you where it is, and how to get it!

When you changed your language to ‘I choose not to be healthy.’ How empowered does that make you feel?

Your mind and body are one system and our health and emotional state are inextricably linked. The Mind has a phenomenal part to play in your physical health and well being.


There might be very good reasons why you are experiencing the health you have right now.

You can influence your overall levels of well being and influence your health through developing a better relationship with your unconscious mind.

Many aspects of our health and well being have an emotional background which in turn influences our behaviour, attitudes and habits.

These aspects of our emotional and beliefs around our health can become engrained and have a real impact on us – but they can be changed.

You can benefit from creative and positive visualisation.

Your unconscious mind can be fully engaged to support you.

You can experience relief from specific symptoms.

You can develop more supportive behaviours and habits

Any aspect of your health should be only addressed in conjunction with your GP and we insist that you consult your medical practitioner before engaging with or consulting with us.

‘In a few short sessions you’ll feel can experience a better understanding of your behaviour and attitudes towards your health and well being.

Here’s typically what you might experience working to improve your health

Consultation You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the support you would like and the outcomes you are seeking.

You’ll be able to decide weather and how you could benefit from my support.

Many conditions can be supported through Hypnosis and NLP and you’ll have a opportunity to learn about these and decide on your programme of support.

Many clients say that the initial consultation is a great experience in itself as its the first time they have been honest with themselves and able to talk to someone else about their personal situation  – being hers and taken seriously lifts a huge weight from their shoulders.