Why that gut feeling is so important

We’ve all heard it, we’ve all said it but what exactly do we mean when we say that we have a gut feeling about something?

It usually means that we have a strong preference for a decision in one way or another but either way it’s always a gut feeling. So what does it mean and why is it important?

Lets think about this for a moment. Our wonderful complex brains communicate with us in many ways but we are only capable of attending to between 5 and 9 things at any one time  – 5 if you are male 9 if your are female (or so my wife tells me!) So the complex assessment of decision choices necessarily involves a the processing of a large amount of information. Add to that the fact that way also have two hemispheres working of the issues at the same time in very different ways. The left logical brain assesses the facts, data, cause and effect. The Right intuitive and creative brain is playing around with the choices and possibilities. Involved.

All of this is constantly being passed between the two hemispheres through the corpus colostrum which separates the two.

So weighing up the possibilities, risks and opportunities is a process which bounces to and fro between the two at intense speed – before we are consciously aware of what s going on. When we add into the equation that  there are almost as many nerve cells in the digestive tract and the mind and body make one system the brain needs a way of telling us in crystal clear ways that what it thinks of any situation. Hence the physical reaction which comes as a physical sensation or gut feeling.

The next time it happens to you, just stop yourself for a moment and notice where and how it comes to you and marvel at the sophistication of this wonderful communication system. Take the opportunity to notice the feeling very closely, carefully and quietly and you can access greater levels of self understanding. Better still just go head and ignore it and just see what happens, then you’ll really know the power of the subconscious mind!

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