Emotional Thinking, Issues and Reactions

The way you feel is simply your mind and body communicating strong signals to you.

When you change your language to ‘I choose to be confident, successful, happy  and believe in myself.’ how does that make you feel?

When you realise that you choose, either consciously or unconsciously, how to feel, think and act you suddenly realise that your not stuck with your emotions. Sound a bit far fetched? Read on . . . .

How Coaching and NLP relate your Emotions

Your emotions are an internal response to your experience of the world. If you’ve had bad experiences and these make you feel a certain way – it perfectly reasonable to expect your unconscious to protect you from it happening again – so you naturally feel strong emotions – which drive behaviours – thoughts and feelings  – all in order to stop it happening again!

If you now need to move on, then I can help you relate to events in your past in a different and more constructive manner. You can discover how thoughts and feelings which are originate from events in the past continue to shape your behaviour and feelings. Then I’ll show you how you can change the way this happens. You can be free of emotions rooted in your past.

Overcoming Emotional Issues

Strong emotional reactions, recurring patterns of behaviour you would like to change, low self esteem and confidence, emotional issues in relationships, or powerful recurring memories which you would like to change represent just some of the emotional issues addressed.

The good news is that you can change!

You will still be the same person with the same experiences but you’ll have choice of how you feel about yourself.

When we have emotional  stability everything feels so much more certain but without it everything feel so hard.

There are many reasons why people have emotional issues in their life.

There are fewer (but still very good) reasons why people chose to carry on feeling this way and let it get in the way of their lives.

The good news is that there are fewer ways still of getting the peace you need when you want it how you want it, and the better news is they work and they work quickly and they create lasting change.

Nearly all my clients come to me with underlying emotional issues.

People end up with all sorts of extreme behaviours to avoid the activity or situation where they feel lacking. Avoiding whole towns, building and online business to avoid people, putting up with all sorts of abuse. Within a few sessions things begin to really change.

NLP and Hypnotherapy work well together in giving people the understanding of themselves and then a real choice about what to feel when.

Your emotions either support and empower you or prevent you from acting freely, and the good news is you can choose!

A Coaching Programme to address emotional thinking

Consultation Where & when  you notice the triggers and the emotions, the reasons behind it all, what responses you get, find out what you’d like instead, when and how.

Session 1 Installing confidence –  using some hypnotherapy and NLP as appropriate. You will be able to turn on a confident state at will.

Session 2 Addressing the reasons behind your emotional issues using hypnosis and NLP

Session 3 Putting it all together designing new and better automatic responses.

This is just for guidance and for illustration – every programme is designed just for you!

Many clients say that the initial consultation is a great experience in itself as its the first time they have been honest with themselves and able to talk to someone else about their personal situation  – being herd and taken seriously lifts a huge weight from their shoulders.