Dealing Successfully with Stress

Natural relief from Stress and Anxiety | Andy Lee Coaching Brighouse

Real peace comes from inside and we show you where it is, and how to get it!

Stress is the result of not being able to Fight or Flee when we are in danger!

We are programmed to defend ourselves.

When we sense danger we have two responses – Fight or Flight.

In our modern society we are not able to fight and it is much more difficult to escape sources of risk to ourselves.

As a result we get stressed.

When we are stressed we adapt our behaviour which affects our

  • Biology
  • Relationships
  • Behaviour
  • Use of substances

We adapt to the stressful situation and we cope. We cope a little longer with a little more stress. If we keep on doing this we eventually get to breaking point.

Some stress is good for us – it helps us develop and progress. It makes us feel alive and excited. But only if we choose it.

When we don’t choose it we become powerless, we stop thinking straight and we can adapt until we stop functioning.

Worse still many of us take pride in the fact that we have high levels of stress in our lives – especially in our jobs. – We even think this is natural!

‘In a few short sessions you’ll feel understand stress better, be able to manage your state, and discover your real options.’

Here’s typically what you might experience addressing Stress issues

Consultation We’ll do some immediate work to give you some support. I’ll take you through your history and current context and help you identify the next steps you need to take.

Your programme will include

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Strategies to deal with serious events
  • Developing a greater range of options for you
  • Help you to take control back
  • Assertiveness
  • Planning your future positively

Many clients say that the initial consultation is a great experience in itself as its the first time they have been honest with themselves and able to talk to someone else about their personal situation  – being herd and taken seriously lifts a huge weight from their shoulders.