Communication Skills

Amy: A brilliant woman in her organisation.

Amazing innovative ideas and able to see how it can really move forward and be an exciting place to work and be creative. But so far ahead in her thinking that the others simply don’t get it.

If only I could get through to them! What a difference we could make!

Her ideas are so far ahead of the rest of them that they think she’s lost the plot sometimes.

‘She’s always talking this rubbish thats all ‘management speak’ and nothing to do with what we do here. If we humour her she’ll go away.’

Amy was getting increasingly frustrated and beginning to give up.

Amy’s plan to make changes

Amy needed some precision communication techniques
both to be able to influence people in her organisation but also to get information from them quickly and accurately.

She needed to understand her self and others much better in real time.

She needed to understand how other people constructed their map of the world, get into their understanding and lead them to new understandings.

Amy’s future

Amy went from frustrated to fantastic!
She went from – Oh its her!! to Hi Amy! Come and listen to this!

She booked onto an NLP practitioners course in oder to make real and lasting changes to her learning and development.

How Amy changed

Amy came for a couple of sessions and then came on a one day seminar on excellent communication skills.

She learned how people constructed their map of the world, how to get alongside their current states, how to communicate in terms that were meaningful for other people.

She learned to ask four key questions to get information rapidly and she learned how to communicate with others so that she became a very powerful influencer.

Amy’s learnings were not confined to solving her initial problem. As she gained insight and influence – understanding people better she was able to see more and more ways in which she and her colleagues could be better, happier, and more productive at what they did.