Coaching for Success in Education

Getting the best for yourself in Education – working with a coach

Many people seem to just roll through life with everything falling into place for them one thing after another. Are you one of the rest of us who never seems to excel? What is the difference between the way they work and the rest of us. Well the answers are fairly easy to learn. Coaching works to give you an ally who believes in you, works with you and helps you to meet your goals.

Educational success is a key to future life chances. Get it right and achieve excellence at the right time then so many other doors open. Too often though, help and support only goes to those who are struggling.

Imagine, if you could access high quality support and coaching to enable you to develop those personal effectiveness skills which others seem to have that sets them apart. Well that could be you!

The difference between good results and outstanding results does very often are personal skills, attributes and beliefs as much as academic ability. Know what you are working for and it is so much easier.

 Coaching will enable you to

  • Get motivated and stay motivated
  • Focus on what is important to you
  • Enjoy work life balance
  • Be more self confident and assertive
  • Reduce the stress of study and assessment
  • Achieve the life you want

Educational coaching will help you gain the future you deserve by

  • Improving your interpersonal skills to maximise academic success.
  • Develop your ability to understand success criteria in your area of study.
  • Promoting work life balance.
  • Improving your self confidence and assertiveness skills.
  • Showing you haw to manage your time effectively.
  • Developing your long medium and short term goals.

 Why coaching will give you the difference

When we hear the term ‘Education Coaching’ we may bring to mind sports coaching rather than intensively supporting young people through their crucial year and beyond. In this context coaching aims to develop and unlock your interpersonal skills in order to increase your level of success. It might be that you are not sure of what direction to take, or you would like to follow one course but feel it may be out of your reach. Working with high achieving students whilst a teacher I was struck by how many young people set unrealistically low limits on their success and aspirations. Why was this so? When I delved deeper into their thinking it was clear that there were always less able students who were able to perform better not through ability but through behaviour, attitude and self belief. Similarly when it came to apply to college of go for jobs it was their behaviour, attitude and beliefs not their abilities which was limiting them.

One example was a very able young man who would not approach his tutors for more one to one support. He did this because he was satisfied with his performance and felt very awkward in approaching his staff. Once we had looked at this he was far more confident and direct with his tutors, got much better feedback and improved his outcomes across the board.

This or similar scenario’s can apply at any level of study. Whether it is a matter of overcoming your own beliefs and attitudes, examining the difference between what you do and say (Sound familiar?), organising your time and study better, or developing a really detailed idea of your future, working with a coach will help. Think of it as a sports performance coach working with you on your education career.

You only get what you plan for


There may be other people on your courses who appear to be doing so much better than you feel you are doing. This should tell you that if they can do it then so can you. With a reality detailed plan for the next five years and a way of reviewing your progress will have a dramatic impact on your life.

There is a well known story about students at Harvard in the 1950’s. The story goes that they tracked the progress of students after they graduated. This who had written their goals down whilst at college were wealthier, happier, in better relationships and looking forward to more success in their lives. The only significant difference between the successful and not so successful students was that the successful ones had written their goals down.

This story is quoted widely in self help books and is actually a myth. No real research took place. That does not matter the fact is, the belief that writing goals leads to success comes from this story. Subsequent experience has proven the effect of goal setting.

You can set goals yourself but the goals you set with a coach who knows the right questions to prompt you with will be infinitely better.

What coaching can give you

The clearer an idea we have about what we want in our future the more likely we are to achieve our goals. If we only accept what comes along we will only ever get what comes along.

Working with a coach will give you a clearer idea of your future and this has am immense impact on your motivation and success. You will learn more about yourself, how you learn and how you can improve your level of success. When in education it a time where you seek out change and development and focus on a particular part of your self. Coaching will develop your whole self and support your change and development on all levels.

If you need:

  • more motivation,
  • to develop your analytical skills
  • a better work life balance
  • less stress
  • more confidence
  • to get on top of your work
  • to get that key job at the end of the course

Then coaching will enable you to thrive and take your success to the next level.