What Coaching Can Do For You

14562724_s1Personal development  is a great combination of proven techniques for personal change. They are drawn from psychology, therapy and NLP and applied to foster and develop personal growth.

Psychologists long ago stopped looking at sick people to understand the mind and for forty years or so have focussed more and more on how exceptional people do things. This is the basis of my work.

I have years of experience in working with people to foster their personal development and growth and have some remarkable stories to tell about the people we have worked with over the years – the young lad on the verge of Young offenders who went on to become a Chef, wonderful father, Loving son and husband  – oh, and then a Barrister . . .

Sessions last about one to one and a half hours.

We have excellent practice rooms in Brighouse and Central Leeds .

We offer you a one hour free session totally focussed on you to explore the changes you want to make in your life.

Many people look to this site for personal change and after meeting us decide to come on our seminars instead. You can find out more about our seminars my checking out our site at www.simplynlp.me 

Remember if you want something different in your life.

If you want to create something different in your life.

Then you’ve got to do something different in your life.

Get rid of Your Limiting Beliefs

Imagine being able to change your beliefs from a minute – think of something that you would like to do – that you think in different circumstances you cold do but you have a belief about it that makes you think you can’t or won;t do it. Well thats just a belief – we can show you ways having freedom from your beliefs limit or trouble you in any way. So  – we train you  -teach you to be free from one thing and then be able to do this for the rest of you life.

You Can! 

Have choice over how you think feel and act.

  • Let go of troubling emotions from the past –  discover previous crucial experiences which have shaped your life and let go of them
  • Free yourself from stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Discover how you can have unbeatable confidence when you want.
  • Learn how to deal successfully with challenging people and circumstances.
  • Start living the life you have designed yourself for yourself.

I use techniques from any area that works for you – Neuro Linguistic Programming enables people to understand how they represent the world to themselves and teaches how to have choice over this. I also use New Code NLP to get results very quickly.

I use techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, From Humanistic Psychology – even hypnotherapy if that’s what a client needs and is happy with.

I use timeline techniques to help people understand and let go of limiting beliefs and emotional baggage.

Oh, and I use straight forward coaching techniques such as GROW (Goal Options Reality Will). People experience change with me from the off and are much more in