Career Change

Career Change Coaching Leeds , Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax, West YorkshireGeoff’s Story

Geoff came to me with a big decision to make  – not sure about the career choice he was about to make  – beginning to doubt his own commitment and motivation to a Career  he had trained for and was about to embark on fully. Another idea was beginning to draw him towards a completely different path which would have hugh implications to his life and relationships.Geoff’s process

Geoff identified his true driving values and his reasons behind his different career choices.

He identified what he was expecting out of life and the sort of skills he had and enjoyed using.

He looked at his motivation strategies.

He developed really clear idea of the life he wanted to have and where he wanted to live it.

He made his decision.

He took action immediately and sought out new opportunities to further his new aspirations

He drafted a development plan to get the skills and experience he needed quickly and sought additional help with his CV.

Geoff became much much more confident and assertive.

How Geoff Changed

His career and life had a new and much more definite direction.

He was able to take action to make big changes and improvements in his life straight away.

He developed an attitude which was much more helpful to him both immediately and in the long term.

He learned how to get the best out of situations for himself.

He took control of is own future.

Geoff immediately found a level of confidence he had not experienced before

He became highly assertive and was able to communicate effectively to employers and his family.

He got the results from other people he wanted

He secured alternative and much more lucrative employment instantly

He got a job which allowed him to develop the skills he needed for his new career.