Career Coaching and Development

Know you could do better?



Square Peg Round Hole?


Deserve More?

Out of your comfort Zone?

Forgotten why you work there?

Waiting for the contract to end?

Just want to be the best?

Take control of your won development working with a Career Coach

Whatever the reason people just like you find themselves wanting to improve and change their careers.

From finding yourself out of a job to finding yourself in a new role that’s stretching you.

You might be in a role that’s a real compromise, feel you’ve no options, or even have found that the job you’re in has become too stressful to bear.

Many people work with me to get change in their careers. This includes people who have lost their jobs through redundancy or other circumstances, people on fixed term contracts that are coming to an end, people in jobs they want to move on from and people who have gained promotions and want support with them.

I work with each client in a different way but there are common themes which help me to develop the best approach for you.

How did you choose the job you’ve got –  many times we are not sure why we chose the jobs we have we just end up doing them. I help you identify the reasons why you made the choices you have and enable you to re- examine them.

Many people are not aware of the value they bring to their current roles so I help you understand the value and benefits you offer and this begins to form your employment USP.

Choosing the right job for you now is often the nest step – finding the right next niche can be hard but there are easy and straightforward ways of testing this.

What are you worth? Is a question may are uneasy with and avoid so I’ll help you identify the value you should be looking for.

Understanding the way the job market works now can be a minefield –  you can leave it to there or take control of the process –  you really don’t have to wait. There are people out there now with less skill and experience than you doing the very job you’d love – its just our beliefs that stop us and these are easy to change.

Getting the selection process and interview right in a way that gives you control and confidence so you can really truly choose and get off the the right foot. What to say and how to prepare maximum confidence and practice with the questions.

What you do in your first 90 days will affect your performance in that job as long as you keep it – get it right and life will be so much easier and productive for you.

If any of this sounds like the support you’d like then get in touch fro a free consultation so we can meet face to face. You’ll get a chance to talk your current context through and decide what areas you want to address. There’s no charge for this and there’s no obligation on your part.

No Excuses! Take Action!