Business Coaching

How much do you need to learn?

What is Business Coaching?

Starting and growing your own business is one of the most exciting things you can ever do. Its the dream of many people who have a passion or a unique talent which they want to turn into a business.

The reality is that passion and a unique talent is never enough. If you are going to turn your passion into an income at a level which will give you the life you want then there is a huge amount to learn.

The danger is that you swap one unreasonable boss for another – ourselves. We can end up expending huge amounts of money, time, effort, and pain without getting the results we want.

When I went into business after a long career in the public sector I had just the same issues. So I learned TONS of stuff. I paid large amounts of money to learn it quick. I even bought a franchise for the UK’s Leading Business Growth organisation.

I do like to learn everything though . . and you need to do the same.


Get the essentials right in your business

Develop your Unique Selling Point and learn to take about your business in a way that connects with your customers.

Understand where and how to get more customers.

Sort out your pricing structure.

Learn about Selling.

Understanding the key numbers in your business.

How websites work and how they don’t have to cost the earth. (This one cost £30.00!)

How you can use the main advertising channels to connect with prospects.

Learn how to  present and talk about your business.

How to market to the right people in the right way.

Presenting and pitching your business.

The essential things to avoid.

Understand the daily habits and behaviours which will make you successful.

All this and the personal development I can offer alongside!


Communication Skills and Strategies

Language that changes minds.

Take the first steps

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