There’s nothing I can do about the life I’m stuck in!

7400637_sGerry – “There is nothing I can do to change anything!”

Stranded in a life he didn’t choose, everything in Gerry’s life had changed beyond recognition.

His family had changed and everything felt “out of control”. People came and went without any reference to him, including his estranged partner.

Yet Gerry seemed to be financing everything. He felt overwhelmed by anxiety  and his only coping strategies were smoking, drinking and overeating.

Gerry thought his “Nerves” had become so “bad “ that he couldn’t drive more than a few miles away from home to work and back. He was not enjoying relationships at work and seemed to have become socially phobic.

Gerry had a “health scare” and this was enough to give him the break he needed. In hospital for a few days, he became aware of how little he ”fitted in” to his home, family and career, and how neglected his physical, emotional and spiritual well being had become.

What Gerry decided he needed to do

Gerry had strayed a long way from his personal  values.

He needed some goals in his life to aim for and a much better plan.

It was important for him to re-set his boundaries.

Gerry wanted to change his reactions to events in his life so that he had clarity and choice, could adopt healthier coping strategies, and overcome his anxiety and fears.

Working with me, Gerry decided he needed to rediscover what was important to him again, deal with the behaviours and beliefs which were now holding him back and start working towards a life he had chosen, rather than what he thought he had been given.

Above all, Gerry felt all was “out of control” and he needed to learn that he was entirely in control of everything that he did, everything he had and of what happened in his life.

How Gerry Changed

Gerry got back in touch with his core values and what really mattered to him.

He learned where his anxiety and social phobia were coming from and  he overcame it.

He re-established his boundaries with his family and began to get the home life he deserved.

He sorted out his relationships and made big improvements.

He chose better coping strategies.

He developed a plan for the next few years in his life and began to feel back in charge.

Gerry’s future

Gerry found that he had much more control over his life than he had imagined.

He discovered real quality in relationships which are a sustainable basis for his future growth.

No longer impeded by anxiety, social phobia or panic he can travel wherever he wants, whenever he wants. He suddenly has many many more options in his life.  His emotional and physical well being  have become top priorities.And furthermore he is now able to give the more appropriate support to his family.

“I’m now in a better position to look after my family because I have looked after myself first and I’m  finally getting a decent night’s sleep. Andy, I was spinning my wheels when we met but not any more. I’m not stuck any more.We cracked it in four mate, Thanks!”