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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is the process of working on your life rather than simply living in it. Its a tried and trusted effective set of tools and processes which people have used to achieve what they want to in their lives. You too can have more of what you’d like to have in your life and less of what you don’t want. Better Relationships, Habits, Work-Life Balance.

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Career Change and Development


Career Change:  There are two ways of getting the new job that you want so much. The slow hard way or the structured way. If you are looking to hone and develop your approach to getting your next career move then there is plenty to learn and much to practice and prepare.

Career Development: once you’ve got that new role its all too easy to feel out of your depth. There are a whole range of new skills you need and where else can you get focussed one to one support.

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Business Coaching

For several years I ran a business coaching franchise as a separate enterprise. I wanted the fast track to understanding what I needed to do to become successful in business Fast.

Success in Business is about developing your understanding, effective personal habits, understanding your customers- how to market effectively to them. How to get your pricing right and how to sell. Having worked with business owners from start-up to £million + business owners I can help you.

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Relationship Transitions

Whatever stage your relationship is at there is always something to reflect on, gain insight about, and consider in depth to get the right outcome for you.

If you are experiencing difficulties then a space to think an talk can be invaluable.

If your relationship coming to the end of its life –  how will you know and decide?

If its broken down then you need all the resources you have to support you through the transition and if you are ready to start again its important to decide from the outset what you want and how to get it.

Overcoming Fears, & Phobias

Phobias are the result of two things –  either early parental patterning or an earlier event with strong feelings about it which is un resolved. The trouble is that they stop us doing things we either need to do or want to do. The good news is you are not stuck with it. Phobic responses are generally easy and quick to learn about, understand and overcome. Imagine going from being terrified of anything to do with flying to simply loving it! Flying might not be your concern, but thats just an example of the extremes of change you can experience if you suffer from strong phobic reactions.

Get Focus, Direction & Motivation

Sometimes knowing that you’ve got to do something isn’t enough. Our minds have ways of sabotaging what we’d like to do or even have to do! Learning about your own motivation strategies, thoughts and behaviours will give you the tools to start to choose your level of focus and motivation.

Its not just a matter of good time management, goal setting and personal accountability. Its about discovering how your mind works for and against you and getting choice where you previously thought you had none!

Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is simply the minds way of protecting you from what it thinks are serious threats to your personal and or emotional safety. Its a great example of the way your mind works at an unconscious level. The trouble is that we are usually anxious about stuff that isn’t generally that likely to happen or even if it dies happen won’t be that bad. Learning about anxiety and how you do it to yourself is the key to overcoming it. Using approaches from NLP,  CBT and Neuroscience you can master your own anxiety and transform the way you live.

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Get Started Right Away!

So you can start making changes right now please download your complimentary copy of CHANGE NOW your complimentary eBook with dozens of practical approaches you can ue right now to get change going in your life. I’ll follow it up with my next book delivered in instalments for you to take control of your life right now.

Free No Obligation Full Length Consultation

So you can learn more and have that first conversation towards making change I offer a Full Length Consultation at my Office in Brighouse so you can learn more about what I might be able to offer and for you to get a better perspective. Free, No Obligation, No Hard Sell.  Click Here to learn more

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Feedback from Clients


I went through the internet and eventually came across life coaches. I phoned a few however none of them “felt right.” None of them seemed to click with me or even gave me the confidence that they might be the right person to lift me from my traumatic existence……  so it looked as if I had to think of something else.
I decided to have one last try and contacted Andy Lee and he phoned me back.
The following week I booked an initial consultation. To be frank, even a few days before our meeting, I felt hope and there were signs of things starting to change.
At the consultation, I was really nervous but Andy is just so relaxed that I immediately warmed to him.
ONE THING: HE NEVER JUDGES YOU AND YOU CAN TELL HIM ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. In fact, the more you tell the more he can help.
I then booked another session and a problem that had been eating me inside for a very long time was analysed and resolved in that session.
If you are not sure if Andy can help you, then YOU MUST SEE HIM as a favour to yourself.
The best way for me to describe Andy is that he is a “FRIEND, COUNSELLOR, LIFE COACH AND MAGICIAN” all in one!

 MZ Halifax

“One of the wisest decisions of my life….”

‘I thought I was beyond redemption.  My life was out of control and I was close to the edge..  A friend recommended I try an initial free consultation with Andy.  I was unsure but he convinced me because I had nothing to lose, the first session was free.
Andy helped me to map out all the key areas of my life where I was having difficulties and come up with an action plan for each one.  In a few short months he has helped me to cope with devastating bereavements, to understand and tackle compulsive behavioural problems that were blighting my life, and to manage serious relationship difficulties.

Professionally, my performance and confidence at work has dramatically increased.  Once a horrendous stressful ordeal my work is now actually rewarding personally and financially.

Fundamentally though, Andy is just a good human being.  His compassion, integrity and insight will be obvious as soon as you meet him.  I really cannot recommend him highly enough.  If you are struggling, give him a try.Like me, what have you got to lose?’

MP Leeds

“These are skills that everybody’s needs in their life!…”

I first met Andy at a meeting in Bradford, and with a little knowledge of NLP under my belt, I approached him to chat about his services. Andy is an amazingly knowledgeable and personable NLP practitioner who has taken me through a series of training sessions that were tailored to my specific needs. I am now practicing these techniques and have integrated them into every aspect of my life to great effect! I would highly recommend Andy if you are interested in finding out how NLP can help you. These are skills that everybody’s needs in their life!

TC Bradford

“I was sceptical…”

Having been introduced to Andy I have to admit to being sceptical at first. After only an hour I realised that this man had a personality and oozing humanity about him that made me feel confident, comfortable and able to trust him and most importantly see others for how they really are.
Very quickly I felt I had made a friend who was able to empathise but not trivialise my feelings and enabled me to put things into perspective.
Being someone who had always believed in people I am happy that Andy has assisted me in achieving many new goals in life.
I would recommend Andy to anyone who wants a fresh outlook as there is nothing that cannot be addressed through self belief that Andy helps you rediscover.

QG West Yorkshire

Just to say thanks . . .

Andy has been a significant contributor towards the success of my business. He is always willing to offer his time to support my business. I cannot describe how grateful I am for his help and advice he has given me over the last 2 years.

NM Huddersfield

How to make a start!

So that you can learn more about what I can appear you and to be certain I am the right person to work with you I offer a full length consultation at no cost and with no obligation to you either at my office in Brighouse (easily accessible from the M62 and by Public Transport. You’ll get an opportunity to have an in depth conversation about the areas you want change in and learn about what I might be able to offer. There’s no obligation and no hard sell. You have to be certain of the person you want to work with and the is how you can discover for yourself if I am the right person for you.

In the meantime you can get a feel for my approach and start making a few changes right now by getting a copy of my ebook right now just click here and you’ll be able to download it

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Three Simple Steps to Change . .

Read through this website

There are lots of resources, tools and case studies on this site you can use to develop your understanding, find solutions and think, fell and act differently. You’ll find case studies, video’s, links to other sites and book reviews.

The aim of this site is to give as much help as possible to visitors. Its always being updated so its worth bookmarking and checking back from time to time.

Download Free eBook


Down-load your complimentary copy of my eBook Change Now – or buy it from Amazon if you really wan t to! Its full of tried and trusted effective approaches straight from my sessions.

I’ll also send you regular tools and resources which you can use to develop your understanding and insight.

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Book a free consultation


You’ll notice  a huge difference just talking things through.

I offer free no obligation consultations in Brighouse which is easily accessible from Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield and surrounding areas, for you to talk through the areas where you want change.

No obligation. – No Hard Sell.

Your Chance to Learn, Reflect, and Start Making Changes

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How Coaching Works

A safe space to talk and think

Talking things through always helps. Its simple, elegant and based on good psychological understanding. Talking develops your insight. Working with a skilled professional focusses on what’s right for you not what other people think.

Questions that make a difference

The skills of a good coach focus on their ability to pose the right questions to enable you to develop your insight. Right question, right time, in the right way.

Specific tools and techniques

A range of tools and techniques from NLP, CBT, Personal Development, Leadership and management training, the worlds of Business and Education. You’ll also be undertaking behavioural experiments to push your comfort zones.

Developing new skills

Coaching is a process where you learn, practise and take on new skills and understanding in relationships, careers, communication, and your behaviour.

Another example is developing assertive communication to enable you to deal with difficult people in your life or to improve your relationships in your personal life or at work.

Focussed learning and reflection

You’ll learn about how you work, you’ll have an opportunity to discover your own thought processes and be able to reflect on how useful they are to you and through that process be able to exercise greater degrees of choice.

Leave unhelpful thoughts and feelings behind

We collect all sorts of beliefs and habits as a result of our experience of life. These are great when they work for you but unhelpful when they don’t. You’re not stuck with them.

One Last Thing . . .

THE ONE THING I’ve always been good at – THE THING I was always able to do better than anyone else was to get to the absolute centre of a person’s problem – the central part of an issue- the key to change and success. Find that with them, try out alternatives and possibilities and move forward. That was my strength in education and that’s what my clients experience now. The careful exploration of your thinking. The experience which lead up to it. why it persists and how it could be different.

Reflection – Analysis – Insight – Change.

If that sounds like something which would help you then by now you should know what to do!

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