Life Coaching Helps You...

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Coaching is about fixing stuff that needs changing in the way you think, feel and act.
Improving your prospects and development in your career.
Making big life changing decisions.
Managing Personal Change like divorce and separation.

Its a process where you will learn exactly how your mind works - how your understanding of the wold is shaped - how your previous experiences come together to make you the person you are today.

We all have thinking patterns which can become unhelpful,

We all have behaviours that we would like to be different.

We all have emotional reactions to people or situations we would like to be different.

We all have expectations of what we will get out of life and sometimes these are out of date and badly developed. Its easier than you think to understand your personal goals and develop a better, more relevant approach to your life.

We only get one shot at it - we are only here once - isn't about time you did something about it?

Career Change Coaching

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When you are looking to make changes in your career, for any reason, then working with a skilled profession can make a real difference.

Think of the stages involved in gaining promotion, changing jobs or even your whole career and you'll realise that there is a to to do and working with a good career coach will simplify and accelerate this process for you.

Working from your values and life aspirations, you identify your higher purpose and plan from there.

Then three's the detail of a CV which gets noticed and read.

Discovering the value you bring to organisations and being able to communicate this well.

Learning and breaking the recruitment rules, and handling the interview brilliantly.

Then there's just being awesome in your interview or taking the first steps in starting your own business.

Unhelpful Thinking !

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Impossible? No! Easy?

Well, with the right teaching you can learn to spot unhelpful thinking styles such as emotional reasoning, black and white thinking, perfectionism, learn to simply recognise these for what they are - Unhelpful. Then you can choose more productive ways of thinking.

You'll learn to communicate assertively and confidently changing relationships in your private and professional life.

Many people experience unhelpful feelings and unhelpful behaviours which hold them back. But no one is stuck with these,

We learn how to interact with the world in our early years and its a real challenge to overcome these but it is possible.

Here's a quick rule of thumb: If you've got a thought or feeling you don't want then you've probably got an unhelpful belief or thinking pattern which is preventing you being as happy, calm and successful as you want to be. My job is to teach you about the way think, help you spot whats going on and choose better alternatives.